• pixel art; balthasart logo
    What are pixel arts and its history?

    balthasart logo in pixel

  • White Cat by Christin Voscort (2022) cat art in acrylic
    How are cats present in artworks?

    Cats! The adorable creture that almost every body like. No one can escape from cat videos and pictures since they are everywhere on the internet. Watching cat video and .Even here, in balthasart, an online gallery, you might randomly come across some cat art.Cat art like cat painting, cat drawing, and cat photos are viral in balthasart and the whole…

  • Etsy prints vs balthasart prints: make your artworks more unique

    Balthasart is a platform dedicated to affordable original art such as paintings, prints, and drawings. Until August 2022, there are 850 artists on balthasart showcasing their unique artworks, compared to 7.5 million sellers on Etsy . Therefore, on Etsy, the number of products and prints is much greater, thus cannot guarantee that your prints will be seen by potential buyers.…

  • Line art, a new trend in 2022

    Sororité by Clara Elliot (2022)

  • hanging canvas
    How to hang the canvas on the wall?

    Hang canvas on the wall seems like an easy job. You can just hang the canvas on a broad-headed nail. However, this way is not the most proper way to do it. The right way should be hung with wires, but it is not as easy as it looks. There are things to prepare and steps to follow. Hang it…

  • Protect your Art Now : Art Certificate and Artist Signature Matter

    Now you have started to sell your art pieces online with balthasart. There are thousands of people seeing your artwork every day. This is great! However, with all this extra exposure, you want to be protected from plagiarism! We are here to ensure that all our artists in our community are well prepared for any situation. By signing your work…

  • How to sell photos online to make money

    Are you passionate about photography? Do you like to make money with your photo? In this article, we will explain to you how to sell photos online!  Following our previous article regarding how to sell art online, we would like to share a few more tips dedicated to photography as a relatively new contemporary art medium. It plays an innovative…

  • still life painting of vase chair table
    Still life painting and photography: why artists love it

    Still life painting A still life (nature morte) is a painting that depicts an arrangement of inanimate objects. These items are usually placed on the table and often include organic items such as fruits and flowers and household items such as glass and textiles. The term “still life” comes from the Dutch word “stilleven,” which gained importance in the 16th century. Hundreds of…