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How are cats present in artworks?

White Cat by Christin Voscort (2022) cat art in acrylic

Cats! The adorable creture that almost every body like. No one can escape from cat videos and pictures since they are everywhere on the internet. Watching cat video and .Even here, in balthasart, an online gallery, you might randomly come across some cat art.
Cat art like cat painting, cat drawing, and cat photos are viral in balthasart and the whole art world. You can see cat in artworks with different style. Thousand years ago, the Egyptians were the loyal follower of cats, and we can see the cat figure in many cultural relics they left, like the adorable cat painting, cat engraves, and cat sculptures. Thousand years after, people are still crazy about this cute fuzzy animal. We can see cats appearing in all kinds of artworks. Let’s find out how balthasartists show their love for the cat!

Cat Painting

Cat Watercolor

Cat Drawing

Cat Collage