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Etsy prints vs balthasart prints: make your artworks more unique

Balthasart is a platform dedicated to affordable original art such as paintings, prints, and drawings. Until August 2022, there are 850 artists on balthasart showcasing their unique artworks, compared to 7.5 million sellers on Etsy . Therefore, on Etsy, the number of products and prints is much greater, thus cannot guarantee that your prints will be seen by potential buyers.

Balthasart’s website is also designed for artists and original artworks and prints with limited editions. You can create an account that meets the needs of your artistic career without worrying that your works being buried among millions of Etsy prints. Different from etsy, Balthasart brings 500k potential art lovers to the website per month. All of our 850 artists have a fair share to be seen and known.

Etsy also brings lots of visitors to its website. With its massive inventory of Etsy prints, your works will be displayed together with professional artists, amateur artists, wall art, and prints of massive productions, as well as second-hand artworks. 

Prints comparison: support artists with their own original creations

Etsy prints are comparable to balthasart prints among those that are also originally created by independent artists themselves; you may just spend some time differentiating them from all the other products that are also available on Etsy within the prints category, which are from an individual third-party seller, mass production as well as second-hand prints.

If you are looking to support emerging artists who are in the process of growing their artistic careers by selling prints of their original creations, at affordable prices, with Etsy, you might need to spend some time exploring, filtering, or communicating with the sellers to confirm.

Etsy vs balthasart for artists: which platform to showcase your prints?

Etsy and balthasart both have powerful platforms with dedicated section for artists to showcase their prints, with a package of customer service and marketing promotion included.

However, being one of the most popular marketplaces of all different types of products, showcasing your prints on Etsy may not have as high traffic and visibility for yourself as an individual artist compared to showcasing on balthasart, especially for the EU market.

With balthasart, you are precisely positioning yourself in the original art market. All the art lovers who are looking for original art and appreciate them will see you, thus, buy your artworks.

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Etsy: reviews, prices and alternatives

Let’s summarise!

If you have already been producing massive art prints at scale and are ready to go global to reach international clients. Then, Etsy is a powerful marketplace that reaches clients of all needs on 5 different continents.

Balthasart, on the contrary, is an art platform for emerging artists and their original artworks. Since it offers you one month free trial upon request, that already gives you full access to all its services and helps you gain some time to understand, experience, and make the best decision. If you are looking to go further in your artistic career, balthasart is perfect for you!