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Line art, a new trend in 2022

What is line art?

Line art is all the art forms that are made with straight lines and curves on a plain background like paper or canvas. In line art, there is usually no extra brush for shade representing two-dimensional or three-dimensional objects. Line arts could be very different from one to another. When we talk about line art, we talk about the beauty of simplicity or complexity.

Line drawing

Line drawing is the most common and popular form of line art. One-line art drawings are very challenging to artists because they have to think about how to use a single line to illustrate the aesthetic object they want to depict. This kind of drawing is wildly used in minimalist illustration and design. Being both simple and aesthetic, it has become an element of tattoo design and abstract art.

Femme Forte, léa Gonet, 2020

Minimalism line art

The most famous line art is minimalism line art. This form of line art contains minimal lines, without or with only a few blocks of colors. The minimalist line art was a big trend in 2021. I am sure you have seen the minimalist face line art apply to clothes or jewelry designs. This form of art was implanted everywhere. In 2022, minimalist line art still holds its magic. With few lines, artists are able to depict an object in a unique way and express their feelings.

Sitting nude girl 2. Minimalism one line art, Lada Kholosho, 2022

Maximalism line art

Maximalism line art it’s the opposite of minimalism line art. The game artists need to play here is to use the most lines possible to create artwork while keeping the aesthetic. Maximalism line art requires the artists’ excellent drawing skills and patience. 


Line art in balthasart

Balthasart, many great artists are found to create line art. So Let’s check how they nailed these new art trends.