In the Studio with Alessia Mattiello

Hello! I’m Alessia Mattiello, 

I was born in Italy in 1976. I actually live in a nice little town situated at the foot of the Dolomites and not so far from Venice Area.

The world of Art has always been my passion. I love all forms of it, but painting is my favorite one.

I believe I’m a smart and creative person, I love travelling around the world, because discovering and learning new cultures permits me to enrich my soul as well as being a source of inspiration for my creations.


In the last few years my hobby has become very important for me, consequently I’ve decided to create my personal studio in a little room in my house where I can create at anytime of the day, but especially during the night, when I finish my working day. This is a special room for me, once there i feel like there is no time and no place, I really can concentrate on what I’ve to create.  

In order to improve my art practice I’ve attended for about  7 year (  2000-2010 )  some evening course with a professional painter.

I’ve studied and tried different techniques: oils, acrylics, watercolors , pastel oils, colored chalks etc.

I’ve got also the opportunity to go in details with drawing sessions of the human anatomy with live models.  At the end of every course  we were involved to organize a collective exhibition.

I’ve started practicing with drawing and portraits with pencil. But actually “abstract style” is the style in which I feel more confident and inspired.

From November 2021 I’ve started a fruitful collaboration with “balthasart”. This experience has give me a chance not only to reach my audience but also to get inspired with my art.  I’ve improved and I feel constantly  stimulated  to grow as artist.

New artworks

Recently I’ve spent my holidays in Sardinia (Italy) in the Emerald Cost (Costa Smeralda). Amazing place, my mind and my soul have been restored by the beauty of the nature, the marvelous shadows of blue of the sea and the sweet and peaceful landscape. My Mind was plenty of thousand shadow of blue and green.

Once I’ve returned home I wanted to translate all this beautiful scenery in an artwork titled “Cannigione 22“. In this Canvas 80x100cm I’ve used  charcoal, oil pastels and acrylics. I’m going to compose a series about these themes.

I would like to express all the harmony and peace  that everyone can live during a visit to Cannigione and in the little towns around. But In particular with the harmony of the lines, the colors and the composition I would like to express the concept of the “kindness”.

Kindness softens everything, every edge, every fear, every tension, in the body and so in the heart.

It is very important to be kind with our self, first of all, and then consequently with all the human being. By doing this we could better appreciate the authenticity of our lives.


I’ve been inspired by many artists,  the most important are the impressionists, but not only. I like to experiment and research various style, for this reason I’ve not an absolute one.

In the last few years I think Nature is the biggest source of inspiration. Whenever I go I always find something inspiring me. Can be the shape of a mountain or some stone or the color of a tree. Then, starting from nature I usually  come to some ideas.

When I create an art work my aim is to talk to the soul of the Observer.

Don’t let this up-and-coming artist slip under your radar!

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