A bigger audience: How Ginevra found a new public on balthasart

From the amazing Venice canals to the Hausmanian architecture of Paris, Ginevra Formentini has always been surrounded by beautiful places. Maybe that is the reason she studied architecture but then shifted her life towards photography. This is where her path crossed with balthasart, where she started to showcase her talent to other people besides her family and friends. And it sure paid off! 

Being part of the balthasart community since late 2021, Ginevra was one of the artists who displayed their art in the Christmas Market that we did in our office in Paris. Just 10 minutes after the event started, she sold her very first piece. Indeed, that was the confirmation she needed to start thinking about getting revenue out of her art.  

“I’ve sold pictures before, but only to friends, or people I know. In fact, I wanted to reach out to other people and see if there was someone out there who might be interested in my work, in my way of making pictures. Balthasart gave me the platform to do that!”

In fact, she wasn’t even aware she could have that kind of exposure! It was because of her friends that she learned about balthasart and found this great platform to display her art. With clients all around the European Union and maximum visibility thanks to our marketing strategy, balthasart reassures her that she, like any other emerging artist, has what it takes to sell their art. 

“When my friends told me about balthasart, I said to myself, ‘Ah, here’s the place where I can sell my art. I wasn’t sure my art was worthy enough to be in an art gallery'”. 

It definitely is! Balthasart’s main goal is to give emerging artists the tools they need to break the art market rules and meet the next generation of collectors. Tools such as statistics that show how much visibility your profile has, a powerful algorithm that displays different artworks to every client depending on their behavior, a professional page, and much more! 

“I can tell that the team is very committed, that balthasart it’s not just about selling art online. You take care of the artists, give advice, and guide them to make them shine. I see that in the interactions I’ve had with you, but also on the platform, with the personalized advice I get on my profile”.

At balthasart, we want our community to excel at their craft. That is why we make sure that the artists focus on what they do the best: creating original artworks that inspire the world! We take care of everything else: customer service, advertising, guides and masterclasses, transportation, etc! 

“I love that you are in charge of the logistics. Whenever I sell a picture, I know that everything will be done for me and I only have to wait for the payment to arrive at my bank account”.

Would you like to be like Ginevra and display your art to a new and international audience? Make sure to check out these and all the other services you get access to by being part of the balthasart community