How Does our Algorithm Work?

Over here at balthasart, we are down with the digital age! We always go above and beyond to guarantee that our technology works for you to sell art online. Our hard work has resulted in the creation of an algorithm which expertly analyzes the behavior of our site users so that your work may be presented to them as swiftly as possible.

Each visitor to balthasart is exposed to a wide variety of artists and artworks, the order of which is determined by the user’s navigation behavior. Based on items they’ve already looked at, the algorithm maximizes the chances of a potential collector discovering works they’ll love.

We offer a few effective strategies to help boost your exposure on our platform for this algorithm to truly work in your favor:

– Update your portfolio on a regular basis. Any works in your page’s ‘Latest Artworks’ area will be immediately promoted to the top of our users’ selections.

– Add more images, video clips, and different visual insights into your studio life to your page. A full profile is a profile that has been upgraded!

The bulk of our sales are also generated by online advertising: 

When you purchase online, you are faced with ads on Google, Facebook, and your email in an attempt to attract your attention. We do the same thing at balthasart to sell art online!  We devote a significant amount of our budget to identifying potential buyers and using adverts to persuade them to visit your website.

Each ad is tailored to the preferences of each client. We will promote your artworks on their browser if they have previously shown interest in an artwork similar to yours. These adverts are broadcast and monitored on a daily basis. After presenting hundreds of adverts, it might take up to 90 days to persuade a customer to buy an artwork.

Promoting your work is an important aspect of what we do everyday since it is how we can continue to build and enhance our gallery to ensure the success of our artists! Never forget about those silent little helpers the next time you make a sale on balthasart: our online advertisements!