How to master your artworks descriptions

Imagine this: You’re ready to upload a beautiful artwork onto balthasart. Life is good! However, the anxiety starts to hit as you see the bank where you need to fill in the description of your work. How can mere words possibly communicate all the nuances behind your work? There’s a reason you turned to visual art to express yourself and not writing. You may already have this skill mastered (in that case congrats)! For the artists still sweating over the keyboard, let your worries fall away as your friends at balthasart help. We know that when  it comes to selling your art, the more information you have in your artwork description the better! The art statement is super important as it can give a potential collector an idea of the inspirations and the actual material specifications about the work all in one quick . 

Here, we make it easy with our tips on how to write the most effective art statement ever! 

Be inspirational

This is where you describe the artwork that you’ve created in an ideological way. That seems pretty complex, especially as the artistic process and inspirations can be hard to pin down into words sometimes. We totally get it. However, there’s no perfect formula for this part of your description. The only rule is that it definitely needs to be engaging! Remember, above all is that you stay true and original to your voice. Your art statement should reflect you and your personality, as well as your enthusiasm for your work.

You may want to touch on the following:

  • What was the inspiration behind the piece?
  • What techniques did you use and why did you use them?
  • What does the artwork mean to you personally?
  • What does this work or series represent in terms of your whole artistic universe?

Give them the Facts

Besides the inspirations and significant descriptions of the artwork, this is where you give the specifications on the dimensions and materials of the work.  This is obviously super pertinent information for a potential collector, so it’s worth spending a little more time on this component to ensure full accuracy. But, don’t stress! You can then copy and paste the same format you used for one artwork listing and tweak it to make it relevant to each of your artworks.

  • What materials did you use? – Be sure to include the canvas type and the materials used e.g. pastels or pencils
  • What are the dimensions? –  Be sure that these are written in centimeters (heck yea, the metric system!)
  • How is the packaging? – Explain your packaging process. Will the work be packed in bubble wrap or rolled? Do you offer to ship artworks both rolled and stretched? Is it framed?
  • Do you have anything else to add? Maybe you should encourage the potential to get in touch with you directly with any questions

See, look at that! The process of making an art statement is super simple and nothing to stress over. We hope that you found these tips helpful! Remember, if you’re an artist, that for more great tips like this, and the best tools to help you achieve your art dreams, sign up for balthasart! We are here to help up-and-coming artists navigate the art market and meet their audience.