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The balthasart Lookbook: Spring/Summer ’22

You think art is just something nice to hang on your wall? You think that clothes are just simple threads to cover your body? Think again! At their best, they’re a way to express. That human desire to beautify the world around them and exude their emotions is satiated through aesthetic endeavors like creating, admiring, and displaying both clothes and art!

At the end of the day, it all comes down to style. Everyone has one, unique as a snowflake, and it manifests in a few ways. Your fashion tastes can also tell something about the art you gravitate towards and vice versa! So, we decided to really examine this with our stylish staff and our friends at SINGULART! We had our some of our cool colleagues choose an original piece of wall art from our site that strikes them and style an outfit that coordinates with it, to show off their personal style. Browse the selection of artworks and be inspired by the sartorial swag on display!