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Art for the Office

It doesn’t matter whether you work from a spare  corner or room that you’ve dedicated as your “office,” or in a corporate bureau in the center of the city. Where you get stuff done is the engine of your life! Why not make your work space even more ready for productivity by filling it with inspiring art? A boring and stale office environment can be stale and stifle the energy needed to proficiently get through your day. That’s why we at balthasart, the world’s greatest online shop for original and affordable art, have you covered! Here are some of our favorite ideas for how to decorate your workspace, wherever it may be, with some great office art! Each piece shown below is available on balthasart, so if you see a piece you like as you are reading, click on it to shop!

Minimalist and Focused 

You are the no nonsense type. Sharp, precise and always on task, you need some office art that fits your personality. For gaining inspiration in this office, you do not need insanely frilly, romantic and over the top pieces. You gravitate towards efficiency, precision and focus. That is why we would suggest that you opt for a contemporary graphic piece! Geometric patterns, clean lines, and striking color pops are the perfect addition for the mood of your space. 

Artwork by Kathrin Sehl
Artwork by Olivier Vertcour
Artwork by Michal Jancik

The Creative Office 

You love to think outside of the box and be non traditional. You are always ready for business, but you have certain tastes and don’t want to be tied down to the old corporate codes. You want the aesthetics to match your lifestyle! In this case we would suggest going for more abstract and impressionistic, and expressionistic works all in bright colors! Throw in some cool photos as well! You’re not afraid to express yourself in your work, so why not have an office that does the same? Mix it up with unique artworks that match your individual style. 

Artwork by Timo Myllymäki,
Artwork by Veera Zukova
Artwork by Wabyanko

Elegance in the Office 

You have an eye for the classics. You love to have an air of sophistication and fine tastes. You prefer to have some soft jazz playing as you work for focus. No task ever seems to make you break a sweat, no matter how stressful. To you, a productive work area involves decorations with the same kind of finesse that you do everything with. An elegant landscape, or a more realistic piece would suit your style very well. Go for something with some rich tones and brushstrokes. Give yourself an environment that fills you with confidence and keeps you at ease. 

Artwork by Vita Schagen
Artwork by Jianjiang Chen

The Aspirational Enterprise 

You’re always dreaming big and shooting for the stars! You don’t just want to meet the requirements, you want to smash expectations. You’re a go-getter, always looking to over achieve. With your high energy and motivated approach to your work, your office art should carry that same spirit! Go for a bold work with bright colors and lots of emotive elements. Choose artworks that lift your spirit and give you that motivation to keep going hard towards your goals. In the times that you need a bit of a pick-me-up, you will be surrounded by some great artwork to get you going again. 

Artwork by Claire Morand

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