In the Studio with Karin Henningsen

I was born in Munich in 1964 and started drawing very early on. My first drawings were made around the age of 3 and drawing is still my popular and favorite medium. Since my earliest childhood and to this day, I have oriented myself towards contemporary expressionists.

And today we have the chance to learn more about her universe…


My atelier is simple everywhere and because pictures say more than a thousand words just have a look here:

New artworks

Currently I work exclusively in watercolor technique. Spontaneous portraits executed with a loose brush stroke. In general I work with many different materials, from acrylic to oil, pencil to pastel chalk. My favorite motif is people and the nature in which they live. I work equally in the abstract and figuratively. When I search for patterns in nature or in big cities, quick sketches are made and then implemented on large canvases in the workshop. My works have been presented with great success nationally at art fairs and galleries for over 20 years.


“I am only the executing hand! Life itself writes my pictures”

My inspiration are the people who surround me. For many years I have worked as a painter and painting therapist… There I meet again and again unusual personalities that I bring in the evening on paper. They are often sad stories, of outcast people. The fates of these women in particular touch me deeply.

Since it is obvious to paint them in the evening. It must be spontaneous, like the people themselves. Sad and funny elements may not be missing as well. Life itself writes my pictures.

See here how I work!

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