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Art that Admires the Earth

Especially with the recent passing of Earth Day, we’ve been particularly reflecting on the artistry of the natural world! From the grassy, rolling hills, to the calm seasides, to the dense forests and jungles, to the sweltering, sandy deserts, to the mountains stretching towards the sky, and everywhere in between. Mother Earth is full of so many gifts for us to all marvel at, so it’s no surprise that so many artists take inspiration from these scenes. A Landscape is a long-practiced way to artistically appreciate all the beauty in nature.

No matter the season, it is always important to take care of and admire the planet. So, that’s why for this newsletter we curated this selection of works that remind us of the amazing Earth! Take a walk through nature and show your love for the planet with original and affordable artworks from our community of up-and-coming artists!