In the Studio with Marjon Trap

I am Marjon, I am a photographer. I started when I was 15 with the old camera of my dad, with stuff for macro photography. I really like small details.

In a world of waste, I like to work with those materials. If it is not so perfect, it is perfect for me! So I use a lot of dead flowers and plastic waste to create something nice for on the wall.


I have my own studio in Rotterdam, a few kilometers from where I live. It’s an old school, build in de ’60. It’s not that fancy, but I really like it there. 

New artworks

In my artworks I like to create a fairy tale world. I like it when people question if my pictures are real. My works are real, in the sense that they are created in front of the camera and not through digital manipulation. But, otherwise, I’m the one who makes this world.


When it comes to inspiration, there are a few photographers to mention: to start with Rein Janssen, from whom I have learned a lot. In addition, I find the work of Elspeth Diederix very inspiring and that also applies to the work of Walter Wick.

In addition, I like to look at the great Dutch painting masters from the 17th century for inspiration.

Being accepted as a artist on Balthasart boosted my morality and I’m looking forward to continue this adventure

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