Lawyer by Day, Painter by Night: How Mathilde found her artistic dreams!

A lawyer by day, a painter by night. Mathilde Bonin started her journey as an artist when looking for an escape during the pandemic  in 2020. Two years later, on top of her job as a jurist, she also has a loyal community on Instagram and clients all over the European Union, thanks to balthasart! 

As a lawyer in a staunch, corporate environment, Mathilde had been yearning to add some more creativity to her life. “I needed to do something more inspirational than only law all day,” she tells me, “Now, I do law during the day, and paint during the night and weekends. It’s really nice.” 

The final push to explore her more artistic side came during the pandemic, when we were all shut in and yearning for ways to stay inspired and occupied. Mathilde, who had never painted before then, suddenly got hit with the urge to create. “I wanted to do something just to relax a bit,” she says, “So, I started painting. I tried a few techniques, and since then, I now paint every week.” 

At first, it was just for fun. However, once Mathilde found a style and technique that she liked, she decided to start showing off her works and even selling them on social media. Not too long after that, we discovered her works and wanted to bring her into the community! She then joined the movement after a giveaway we put out early this year on our Instagram account. We handpicked artists to get a full year subscription for free, and she was one of three lucky winners! It couldn’t have happened with better timing.

“Before being on balthasart, I had just created an Instagram account to display my art. Now, I have made several sales in France, Spain, Germany and Greece. I know I couldn’t have done them without the platform!” 

She has been having such great results since being part of the balthasart community that she made the decision to sell her art exclusively with us! Besides her social media, she doesn’t feel the need to be on other platforms. She has all the visibility she was looking for in just one place! 

“I was amazed by the huge amount of visibility I got! I thought this would only happen for artists with a lot of background, but me, being an amateur artist, I get that same boost. Being on this kind of platform allows me to have support, to professionalize a little bit, and to reach more people.”

Mathilde is proof that everyone can be an artist and pursue their creative dreams! Even working a completely different career, she has found an outlet for her inspirations and was able to find community through balthasart. No matter what you are doing, what your job is, or where you are, if you make art, you’re an artist!

Are you an emerging artist and you would like to spread your art? Apply to balthasart! We specialize in up-and-coming talents and we can help you start off the journey on the right foot!