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Art for the Kitchen

When we think of decorating a room with wall art, the first place that comes to mind is the family room or bedroom. Why only stop there? Cooking is an art, so it only makes sense to have a sense of inspiration in your culinary space as well. The right artworks can really add that spice (see what I did there?) to your kitchen! No matter your style, budget or kitchen size, we are here, as usual, to break it down and make it easy! Here are the balthasart-approved tips and recommendations for decorating your kitchen with great wall art. We also included a great curation of artworks from our selection on balthasart that you can shop as you read!

Use the Spaces Wisely

In the kitchen, space is a premium. Much of it is already devoted to the appliances and the storing of all your kitchen equipment. Consequently, open spacing for an artwork is minimal. So, one must be vigilant and truly make the most of the small area. Find some areas on the shelves that could be spruced up by the addition of an art piece. If you have the space above your cabinets, it can be a great aesthetic choice to place works there. Whatever minimal space you have on the walls can be maximized by making a small gallery wall of a few pieces. Inversely, you can also make a statement with one show stopping artwork to take prominence. There are no wrong answers, see what areas have potential in your kitchen! 

Small Size, Big Impact 

As was established in the first tip, you need to maximize the space you have. To really ensure your kitchen wall art pops, go for smaller pieces to fit the space, but cholse artworks that are high on impact. In the kitchen, there is less time to interact with the art as closely as with other rooms. You want your wall art to pop. The goal is that it can maintain a presence in the room even as cooking, washing and dining take place around it. Be careful to choose an artwork that stands out, while still fitting in and being harmonious with the mood of your kitchen. 

Getting Funky with Photography 

A sharp, beautiful photograph has the potential to add impact to any room. Something about the composition and gripping realness of a photograph lends itself well as kitchen wall art. It can add a subtler dimension of mood and realism to your cooking space! You can choose the adventure. Depending on taste, location and the style of the kitchen, you can get something food related, a beautiful natural landscape, a cityscape, or anything else! Remember to be personal when choosing your artworks.

Jaune Pivoine 5086 by Edwige K
Le verre de Collioure by Juani Vidal vidal
At the end – Am Ende by Joachim Müller-Klink

Go for Bold Graphics

Kitchen wall art is all about making the most of your artworks in little spaces. So, it is a great idea to make your choice something with a graphic zing to it! Something abstract and with a bit of color can easily add some extra zest to your kitchen walls. Another popular choice is a graphic featuring a message or a certain design motif. Just keep in mind the design of your space and find something that will pop and stand out! 

Yellow Light by Ulli Schmitt
Abstract sunset landscape by ALTIN FURXHI
No title by Silvia Haralambova

Keep it Calm and Classic 

If you are looking to keep a more classy aesthetic for your kitchen, then go for a nice painting! As always, it is important to keep in mind the design of the kitchen and your style. Give your home kitchen the feel of a cool restaurant with vintage artworks by choosing a more impressionistic piece with warm colors. If you are aiming for the more rustic feel with your kitchen wall art, pick a piece with something natural in it. Maybe the artwork references beautiful landscapes, or it could be a chic still-life of some fruits and vegetables. There are so many directions to go with this option! If you’re opting for clean and modern, a simple abstract painting or a more contemporary looking work would suit the area well. 

Kitchen Art – Beer and Cheese by Ariadna De Raadt
Perfect eggplant by Oksana Evteeva
Red Wine by André Rios
Green apples by Tatiana Karchevskaya

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