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Happy Holidays Gift Guide 2021

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season has arrived, and is bringing with it the usual anticipation, cheer, and a healthy amount of stress. We know as well as anyone that holiday gift shopping is quite the undertaking. It is so fun to give and receive presents with loved ones, but the process of searching for and buying that gift comes with a lot of pressure. However, your friends at bathasart are here with a gift guide to make your life that much easier! 

Art makes a beautiful gift, no matter who is on your list or what their interests are! It is something that speaks to their personality and taste, and brightens up whatever place they choose to display it. They are sure to love it and think of you every time they see it on the wall! Whether they are already a seasoned art lover or not, we have something for everyone on balthasart! What’s even cooler is that you are directly supporting the next generation of up-and-coming artists in the process! So, whether you are looking for a friend, family member, or you find yourself adding one of these artworks to your own wishlist, we hope you enjoy our holiday curation! Here are pieces for just some of the potential art-lovers in your life. Happy holidays! 

The First Timer

For those that have wanted to get into art, but don’t know where to start! Here are some more classic options from our artists at balthasart.

The Cool Kid

For the creative types, and the ones who are always on top of the trends! Here are some fun and more contemporary styles. 

Les cas tombent by Sylvain Mesnard
SENZA DANNO by Angelo Bramanti
Neon Typography – Pink #C by ROCO Studio
November 28 part 9 by Timo Myllymäki
WTF?! by Veera Zukova

The Jetsetter

They’ve seen it all and done it all! For those on your list who have serious wanderlust, here are some works that evoke memories of far off destinations. 

Positano colors, Italy by ALTIN FURXHI
Le Sanctuaire de Fatima Masoumeh, Qom, Iran by LAUREEN TOPALIAN
Kiyomizu Temple Kyoto Japan by Wabyanko
Madrid Light Show by Adrian Martin Pitts
Amsterdam with the canal houses and view of the dome of the Basilica St. Nicholas by Ana Mopse

The Business Buff 

For the person on your list who is always hustling, gift some works that inspire productivity and creativity! 

UY Scuti by Michal Jancik
Scène 21.01 by Arthur Hent
parcel of land no.22 by Kathrin Sehl
Symbiosis by Pentti Rouhiainen

The Outdoorsy Type

They prefer to quit the city to enjoy some peaceful moments camping, hiking and exploring. For the nature lover on your list, we have selected some artworks that will always remind them of the great outdoors!

Desert Wellspring by Angeles M. Pomata
Grey Summer Day by Juri Semjonov
Landscape Fungi chanterelle Mushrooms by V. Schagen
Hut of the foggy forest by Negin Shariat
An der Geislergruppe, Südtirol/Dolomiten by Gerd Pfanstiel
Paysage des Maures N° 5 by Marie Josiane BLACHON