The Best Art YouTube Channels to Boost Your Skills!

Do you think you’ve mastered every art skill? Impossible! There is always room to keep growing and learning as an artist. Even if you have mastered other skills, it is always a good idea to keep an eye out for things to help you keep improving and expanding your artistic talents. Experimenting and trying new things will only add to your repertoire. Here at balthasart, we love learning about art and we know how many great free resources are out here now because of the internet. We want to provide the best tips and tricks for artists, so that is why we chose our 5 favorite art YouTube channels for artists to both find inspirations, and refine and improve their skills. Enjoy the curation and happy creating! 


We are starting with Sycra! This channel is great for all types of artists, covering a variety of topics like drawing, sketching, painting, expert tips, basic tools, and art inspiration. From basic step-by-step tutorials to sharing complex art videos, Sycra has got you covered with everything related to art. Most of the videos of this channel will take you step by step through the drawing and painting process, but done in an entertaining way! So, it is perfect for artists who want to learn about painting with acrylics, watercolors, pastel colors, and much more.

Lachri Fine Art

The next YouTube art channel is Lachri Fine Art, run by artist Lisa Clough. She’s popular among artists for lessons and tips for colored pencils, oil painting, acrylics, graphite and reviews of art products. She uploads live streams related to art  almost every week! Lisa’s great personality and interactivity of her videos means that the videos of this channel are not only instructional and informative, but are entertaining as well. 

Draw with Jazza

Drawing Art YouTube Channel

Draw with Jazza has to be one of the best painting YouTube channels out! The channel was created and owned by Australian artist, Joshia Brooks, who uploads painting content almost every week. All of his videos are related to animation, art challenges, painting, drawing, competitions. He also includes step-by-step videos! He keeps it light and fun while talking about art and creativity. So, if you are searching for short art videos that can inspire you by sharing valuable tips and tricks, advice, and inspiration about painting, Draw with Jazza is definitely worth a watch!

Stuart Davies

Stuart Davies YouTube Channel

If you want a channel that really goes in depth on how to do some art techniques, then Stuart Davies is for you. With Stuart, you can find a variety of painting videos basics of oil landscape painting. Most of the  videos on this YouTube channel are 30 minutes long or sometimes more because Stuart Davies always tries to go in deep detail while covering an art lesson. Davies is super cool because he believes that it is not necessary to have the best tools to create artworks. All you need is the drive and motivation to learn something new! If you have the passion for painting, you can even start with a house-painter’s brush! If you haven’t yet, check him out! 

Paint Basket

PaintBasket YouTube Channel

Paint Basket is one of the best art YouTube channels to sharpen your drawing skills! It includes step-by-step tutorials for learning to paint with colored pencils, pastel colors and using oil paints and watercolors. Paint Basket also shares pencil sketching and shading hacks, portrait drawing Dos, and Don’ts, watercolor painting lessons, tutorials, and how-to exercises. Apart from video tutorials, you can also get interactive with their various drawing challenges. Check out Paint Basket and watch your skills soar in no time!

We hope that you enjoyed this selection! If you want to improve our add to your art skills, these are definitely the best places to start! As always, we are here to give resources to artists to be their best. If you want to meet your audience and join our community of artists, apply today!