Co-working Art Studio: Create and Collaborate!

With the advent of ideas like the co-working office spaces, there are now more alternatives to owning an office. With co-working spaces, you pay for the space in an office preloaded with amenities and other workers from an array of other industries that you can mingle and collaborate with. The rise of this flexible working culture has been taking over the corporate world in recent years. Consequently, this change is disseminating into the creative fields as well. In today’s day and age, it’s not always necessary to have a full art studio to create your works! 

As an artist in the modern world, there are now more options than ever for finding a cool and dynamic space to create your works! The benefit of co-working art studios is that you get to enjoy many of the aspects that make co-working spaces so successful. You pay a membership fee that is either monthly, daily or even hourly. Studio space and some equipment is already provided for you. Not to mention, there are usually snacks, coffee and other refreshments to make your stay more enjoyable. On top of all of that, you are surrounded by a vibrant community of other like-minded creatives who you can meet, take inspiration from and potentially collaborate with! If this sounds like the environment for you, then really consider being at a co-working art studio! As you know, we here at balthasart love to keep our finger on the pulse. So, here are some of our favorite co-working art studios right now in Europe. 

KAOS – Berlin, Germany

Based within the newcomer district Oberschöneweide of Berlin, this coworking art studio has something for a variety of creatives! The architecture is very spacious and industrial. The space has many openings for natural light, as well as great views of the river. The campus is full of art and photography studios, as well as spaces to hold events! Another great perk about this community is the offer for flexible pricing to make the space more accessible. 

Onzieme Lieu – Paris, France

Located in the creative 11th Arrondissement, the folks at Onzieme Lieu offer a new space for artists to easily converge and create. Their 700m² space is ripe for collaboration. The space features shared work spaces, meeting rooms, atelier and photo studio. These can be rented by hour, day or month! Beyond just being a place where artists and creatives can work, Onzieme Lieu is totally nonprofit. They’re committed to adding vibrancy to the neighborhood with regular exhibitions and workshops hosted in their space. It is truly a place where creativity and community come together. 

We Art From Paris – Paris, France 

Staying in the City of Light, this coworking art studio is more than just a location for artists!  This space offers an environment that can house and provide equipment for enterprises, musicians, fashion designers and artists alike. In addition to providing a space where creatives can work, We Art From Paris takes it one step further. In the building, there is a concept store! They help introduce their in-house creatives to a wider audience by filling the store with pieces made by the artists themselves. 

Buinho – Messejana, Portugal 

Buinho is a place for artists to get inspired, work, and live, set in the rural and beautiful region of Alentejo, Portugal! They provide an amazing workshop that’s filled with equipment like a CNC mill, a laser cutter, various other tools for traditional woodwork and a silkscreen print station. The studio section is complete with 3D Printers, a vinyl cutter, sewing machines, soldering equipment, electronics, sensors, and more! Also, they have computers loaded with software for graphic and product design, and a small library with books about art, design and management. They also now have space for artist residencies! 

Quinta Del Sordo – Madrid, Spain

Like the other coworking art studio in this roundup, Quinta del Sordo is no ordinary office space. They’re a real force for creativity in the community! This studio has it all. It boasts facilities for workers work in film, sustainable fashion, advertising, illustration, design, contemporary art, architecture, photography, jewelry, ceramics, upholstery, painting and music, among many other artistic disciplines. Beyond supplying space creatives, La Quinta holds many artistic events for the public such as exhibitions, lectures and workshops!

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