In the Studio with Gerd Pfanstiel

My name is Gerd and I live in Thuringia, in Germany. I have been painting for several decades. In the meantime, I also pass on my experience and skills in the form of workshops to interested creative people.


Above is a small impression of my studio. It is not big, in fact it will soon be bursting at the seams because I prefer the large formats.

I paint mainly in oil or acrylic, but I also try other techniques.

New artworks

In the last one I painted a whole series of portraits, first portraits of prominent personalities, which I reinterpreted in my own way in expressive colours. For me, these are study works. Of course, more individual portraits are to follow.

One of my most recent portraits is “The Loner”, (see above) a portrait study of Vincent van Gogh. It is not a copy of his many self-portraits. Rather, they have given me ideas and helped me for study purposes.


I don’t have to look for inspiration. Every day one is overwhelmed with an abundance of impressions. The art lies in filtering out the most beautiful visual moments from this abundance in order to draw strength and energy from them, which ultimately becomes the basis for a new work. So my motifs are quite diverse.

Of course, I also have great respect for the old masters and enjoy looking at their works. I am just as impressed by Vermeer, Dürer or Rembrandt as I am by van Gogh, Monet, Hundertwasser, Monet, Renoir Thurner or Picasso. But these are only a few of my favourites. There are many artists who impress me very much.

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