In the Studio with Ewa Jablonski

My name is Ewa and I am originally from Poland where I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. I later moved to Austria where I lived in Vienna for a long time. I exhibited my work in several European countries and now share my work here with you as well.


After living in Vienna for a long time, I closed my studio in the city – there was not enough light and space. I moved south near Slovenia to the “Austrian Tuscany” where I bought an old house with a large garden on a hill and 360° views at any time of day or year with lots of sun, light and vegetation from the south. I arrange an overgrown garden, plant flowers, bushes and vegetables. For the garden I choose flowers that are not very popular but decorative. I can create different bouquets at any time of the year and often combine garden flowers with meadow flowers. My studio is being decorated and it is a big mess (artistically!).

New artworks

Many years of work in graphics and illustration have taught me different techniques.

For my oil paintings I often use different backgrounds and structures, acrylic only as ” decorative paint” (I am allergic to these colours). I like to draw with ink, soft and hard nibs, pencils, red chalks and pastels.

My adventure with dry pastel started quite late. I got invitations to pastel seminars. At first I hated this technique, there was just too much dust for me! When I discovered pastel crayons for sale, I started drawing and painting pictures with them. First with a limited number of colours and I then added new ones from time to time. Now I also discovered oil pastels, which also contributes to my oil painting. Painting with dry chalk and pastel however takes longer than watercolour or oil.


I like to paint live and outdoors – winter and summer alike. I usually start several paintings at once to capture the first impression and the colours. I finish the paintings later when it rains or in winter, because then I look at them with different eyes, often inspired by my imagination as well. I also take lots of photos of scenes which inspire. My watercolours I always take with me to sketch when I come across something that catches my eye, so I can capture this precious first look immediately. Nature is my greatest inspiration and my paintings are based on impressions made in contact with nature. Many times I get inspired during my travels, particularly in the Mediterranean countries, where hour by hour the changing sun and light produce different and extraordinary effects.

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