How to Share Art Online and Find Your Audience

It is hardly controversial to say that the internet has revolutionized the art industry in a huge way. The ability to find resources and share art online has led to a deluge of unique opportunities for emerging artists! However, while this has opened the door for many, the internet is a vast, wild and often confusing place. We understand that getting started can be difficult. So, here are some of our best bits of advice to use the tools afforded to artists in the modern age, and connect with your true audience.

Be Your Authentic Self

One of the main pitfalls of internet culture is the ever-changing carousel of trends that come along with it. Along with that dizzying rate, it is also as easy as ever to constantly compare ourselves against others, especially on social media. It is normal to see a particular style take off as trendy or find other artists who are doing well. This brings a lot of temptation to think that in order to be successful you must change yourself when you share art online to match these “standards.”

Despite all this, we strongly think that this is not the case. You do not have to change for anyone! Do not think that your most authentic content has no place on their pages. Believe in your special aesthetic and allow your work to stand out from the crowd. Inject as much of your personality into your digital pages as you do your art!  So many fruitlessly chase trends trying to become instantly relevant. However, this is not at all a formula for stable and long-term success. Staying true to yourself will pay off in the long run as you obtain followers, clients and customers who are genuinely interested in your work. 

Identify Your Community

Now that you have decided to put your most authentic foot forward, identify your specific artistic niches. Think about the potential demographics and interests you yourself occupy. Reflect on the types of people and communities that will be interested in your artworks. The more specifically that you can identify this, the better! You must create with them in mind. No matter your audience and the medium you use to communicate with them, ensure that you are actively engaging with content that would be pertinent to yourself and your follower, which will also help them find you easier (more on that later).

person painting a bundle of roses

Find your Medium to Share Art Online

You have your style and target demographic identified, but what mediums would be the best to fully express yourself and reach them? The answer is not always straightforward!  Many artists utilize platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and now TikTok in savvy and interesting ways to show off their work and meet their audience. Think about both how you want to promote your works and personal brand. Also consider which platforms your audience mostly reside in. Do not be afraid to utilize more than one site. Keep in mind that it is better to find a couple platforms that you can devote the most time to, rather than spreading yourself thin across the internet.

Aside from using social media to promote yourself and gain exposure that can hopefully turn into sales, there is a new way to boost your career and find your audience! Online art galleries have become a one-stop shop for artists to cultivate an organic following. Unlike a traditional art gallery, these online platforms never close and make buying art way simpler for the customer. Tools like these are very beneficial to artists, as they are directly connected to a crowd of art-seeking customers. 

(Quality) Content and Consistency are Key

In order to cultivate organic growth when you share art online, it is important to be considerate of each detail. You cannot just throw anything up on your page and call it a day! Coming up with extra content on top of creating art pieces may seem daunting, but the ideas do not necessarily have to be super complicated. Let the ideas come naturally and have fun thinking of different ways to show off your inspirations, process, personality, and of course, the pieces themselves!  Think of some more obvious content ideas and imagine how you can add your personal touches to them. For example, you can make posts that are behind-the-scenes looks into your artistic process, simple high quality photos with close up details shots of your work, a studio tour, a day-in-the-life vlog, imagery that inspires your work, etc.

Once you have your content ideas down, ensure that you keep a consistent level of posting. The more active you are on your profile, the more your posts are boosted in the algorithm. However, there is such a thing as overdoing it! Social media experts say that “overposting” will shift your luck the other way. Your content will be lost in the feed for the majority of your audience. Avoid this by being consistent, yet pragmatic. Post at maximum two times per day and at minimum three times a week. This is enough to be consistent without saturating the timeline. Try as well to post on a consistent schedule by analyzing the hours you get peak engagement and releasing content in those hours. Be careful about posting on weekends, as this is naturally the period of lowest engagement in the week. 

art supplies on a table with a person creating a piece of art

Fun with the Features

In order to really make your posts pop,  utilize all the features of the platform you are on to get the best results! Take full advantage of the arrays of functionalities available to boost your engagement. On sites like Instagram, using hashtags and geotagging, posting on stories and using new features like Instagram TV and Reels ramp up the activity and engagement on your profile. Fully explore the sites you are using to promote your work. Be sure to leverage those extra functionalities!

It is important to note that social media and internet platforms are not just one way streets. In order to boost the engagement on your profile, make sure to comment, like and share on posts you find interesting and especially ones that fit your niche and profile. Not only is this a great way for you to gain more visibility in the circles you are trying to reach, but it will also give you the opportunity to interact with other creators and pages that interest you! At the end of the day, it is all about making connections, and this is a great way to do so. 

person shares his art as he turns towards camera

In Conclusion…

The internet has quickly become an indispensable tool for artists to start and grow their careers. It has opened up doors to opportunities and exposure like never before. If used well, these resources have been able to allow artists to grow real followings and make careers from their work. However, while this ability to share art online has empowered many, it comes with a unique set of challenges as well! Artists now have to be their own public relations manager and salesperson on top of focusing on the art they create.

Luckily, you are not alone in all this! We at balthasart are an online-born art gallery with the goal to help emerging artists navigate the ever expanding digital landscape. Our aim is to assist their careers in meaningful ways. We understand the issues artists face in the modern world, and use our expertise to help artists increase their sales and their reach in meaningful ways! If you want a resource that not only sells your art, but also helps you meet and grow your audience, apply today!

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