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How to Be More Creative

We’ve all been there before. You feel stuck in a rut, unable to come up with any “good” or “creative” ideas for your next project. Cursing the day you were born, you ask why your creativity seems to run out like this. It seems like there are people who can just pull innovative concepts out of thin air, like there’s some magic involved. We can assure you that while it may sometimes seem like this, creativity is not some natural-born trait like height or eye color that you can’t control. If anything, it’s more like a muscle! The more you work on building it, the stronger it becomes. Thankfully for you, dear reader, your friends at balthasart are here with some quick tips to help keep your creativity muscles in great shape!

Be open, aware and curious

This may be the most obvious tip, but it’s the most important! Ideas can arrive at any time, you need to always be open for the moment that inspiration strikes. There are some concrete ways to train yourself to be more open and tap-in to your curiosity. First things first, step away from the internet for a moment (after you’ve read this article all the way through, of course). Looking online can be a great place to stumble upon some creative ideas, it can also be a bit disorganized, disorienting and distracting. We’ve all had our days where one quick Google search turns into an hours long deep dive into a bunch of random things. Now, we are not suggesting to quit cold turkey. However, it is great to take some time away to go see what little things in the real world can spark an idea. Get a journal and block out some time for doodling or writing. Just release your thoughts! Embrace your inner child, daydream, and see where your mind takes you! Leave your house and see what cool things you can discover in your area. Perhaps go to an art gallery or museum. You will be shocked by the amount of things you can unlock with some a couple hours deep in thought. 

Get some physical activity

For this tip, we have science on our side! Besides being healthy for your physical body, living an active lifestyle can actually be key to training your creative muscles as well. Research has shown that aerobic exercise stimulates the Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor. Basically, this means that exercise is actually encouraging cells to grow in the part of your brain that controls memory and has a role in imaginative thought! Also, the rush of feel-good hormones after a workout can boost the mood and bring some mental clarity. This revelation is nothing shocking to us, as there are many accomplished athletes who dabble in art and many artists who find inspiration in sport! So go for a run, kick a ball,  join a dance class or even just take a walk alone with your thoughts! Get the juices flowing a bit and you will be surprised by the results. 

Try learning a new skill

If you are having a creative block, and find it difficult to come up with some fresh ideas, try mixing it up a bit and going outside your comfort zone! If there is a style that you have loved, think of some ways to incorporate it into your work. Maybe you have been intrigued by a new technique, why not learn it? It does not matter what direction you take, but attempt something that is new to you! Going into uncharted territories will help you gain some new perspectives that can inspire you in unique ways. If you are feeling stagnant, it could be worth a shot to form some new patterns and diversify your skills. 

Let the ideas flow

Sometimes, creative blocks can happen basically for no other reason than us judging our ideas too hard or thinking that we are suddenly devoid of any “good” ideas. While this can be a more complicated issue, there is a useful exercise for trying to break the cycle. Set aside some time every day to have a personal brainstorming session. Start with a problem you are having, big or small, and try to think of as many possible solutions to the idea as you can. Go overboard and do not be afraid to veer into ridiculous territory with your ideas!  Afterwards, skim through what you thought of, and see what ideas (or pieces of ideas) are actually doable. Sometimes when you let the inspiration flow and release every idea without judgement, you are able to see the potential of some great and creative ideas forming. 

Stay optimistic and energetic

Last, but certainly not least, this is perhaps the most important overall tip to finding your creativity. As we briefly touched on a bit earlier, there are many times where a creative block is tied to a bit of insecurity about our ideas. We can be our own worst enemies and harshest critics sometimes. It is only more difficult to be creative with all that self doubt!  That’s why, if you were to take one thing from this article, it would be this message. Of course, it is easier said than done, but try your hardest to take care of yourself mentally and stay optimistic! Despite whatever creative block you may experience in some moments, hold the belief always that you are a creative person. Staying positive like this affirms the idea in your own head that you are full of unique ideas. Let your talent shine and be unapologetically you! 

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