In the Studio with Alexandra Cohen Abraham

My atelier is my living space in Barcelona, Spain. I’m obsessed¬†with the sky, nature, and the outside, so I paint on my terrace most of the time.

When the weather¬†doesn’t let me work outside, I paint on the inside. Still, I have the inside of my living space full of plants so I can feel like I’m on the outside¬†a little bit. I love to paint big canvas and my floor is small, so sometimes I just tape canvases to the wall, and sometimes I move the couch so they fit in the living room. For every painting, I just move a lot, from the wall to the floor, to the easel.¬† ¬†

New artworks

My newest artworks talk about the feelings you get when staring at the horizon. Personally, I believe that when we as humans feel lost, or find ourselves in difficult situations, just by looking at the horizon or feeling nature we can find some answers, and be able to keep on going no matter what. So every painting from my newest collection called ¨whispers from the horizon¨ is specially made to have them as an everyday reminder of these feelings inside our living spaces.


My biggest inspiration is the feelings we have just by connecting with nature. Art is my biggest master, I believe that the interior part of the human being that is connected to nature has a lot to tell us and teach us, but sometimes we are too busy to stop and listen. So art is my way to listen to the interior part of myself called the soul inspired by nature. 

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