In the Studio with Julia Tulub


I work from home where I have a tiny studio. I am there most of the time when I paint as it has a very nice light. But I am no stranger to move my easel, pencils and paints all around the house, whenever I want to be closer to my family or just need a change of scenery. I am very flexible regarding my working space and can paint and draw in all sorts of positions. I often hear people saying that they are waiting to have a dedicated space to start practising their art, but the truth is, even a small piece of the dining table is more than enough.

New artworks

I mostly use graphite pencils and oil paints. I love the versatility of oil and the bright colours it can bring but I also enjoy the softness of pencils and the calm of black and white. At the moment, I am busy creating a summer themed collection which is all about water, beach and holidays. The main thread is blue and teal colours, with pops of pink, red and yellow. I love summer and the pandemic made me really crave for a sense of freedom, colour and adventure again. I am pretty excited to see the final results and share them with the Balthasart community.


My artistic journey truly started with inspirations coming from artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Yayoi Kusama. I am fond of the details of Richard Estes, the boldness of Frida Kahlo and the colours of David Hockney. Contemporary illustrators Malika Favre and Jordi Labanda, and painter Ashley Longshore also inspire me daily to take different approaches to my art.

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