In the Studio with Vera Klimova

My name is Vera and in my work I explore possibilities of aesthetic expression of the reality that surrounds me. The method of cognition of the objective and spiritual world through interaction with colours opens up a multitude of possibilities, such as working with styles, materials, techniques and whole combinations of visual elements.


I am an artist from Austria and I am glad to welcome everyone! We have our own private house and garden, and on the top floor I organised my own atelier. It’s very convenient for me, as I can quickly walk up the stairs right into my creative space at any time! Perhaps in the near future I will organise a larger room, as my abstract works ask for larger canvas sizes. I also often paint paintings in the garden, especially if flowers bloom or the evening light of the sun is especially fascinating.

New artworks

Having a strong academic base in painting, I gradually came to non-objective compositions in which colours acquire independent sound, dynamically filling the canvas. I love experimenting with various media and being a big fan of Gaudí, I decided to add mosaic elements to my abstract paintings. One of the last works is called “Unity”. I believe that all of us are parts of one great infinite space, the World Soul, which recognises itself through us. We are her cells. Each in itself is a separate universe, and together (each in its place) we form a three-dimensional diverse world with a single nervous system, a single consciousness, heart, breathing…

The task of the cell is to know this unity and at the same time its unique nature: “I’m like a particle of the whole” and “I’m like one”. The first without the second is fusion and dissolution. The second without the first – avoidance, alienation, separation… two facets of the same process, like two wings of a bird – one without the other is deprived of volume, fulness and integrity. Where is my place in the pattern of life? What experience do I bring to the general collective consciousness with my existence right now? I saw this idea and its image as a golden web, binding us all together.


One of the main themes of my work is a man and his inner world. Each of us is a whole universe, multifaceted and unique! For me, painting is also very closely related to music – music sounds almost always when I stand by the canvas! She inspires and spiritualities! Thanks to music, my abstract works have appeared. Vibrations of sounds are transformed into colour vibrations, so the canvas begins to “sound” as a whole symphony of different colours!!! The artists who inspire me are Repin with his powerful painting, Monet with his harmony of colour and mood, Feshin with his unique style and many others. In my work, I would like to build a bridge between previous eras and our time, not to lose the vast experience of our predecessors and to bring a new trend to our era, when we have such great opportunities for artists! It motivates and inspires me a lot.

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