In the Studio with Sabine Kraftmeier

We had the chance to speak with Sabine about her studio, her artworks and her inspiration. Have a closer look for an explosion of colors to light up your day!


My office at home is also my studio. The computer is on the desk and the floor is covered, ready for painting. For large formats, where the paint – and I – really need space, the living room is transformed into a second studio. Foil is used to cover the furniture so it has an air of renovation and/or moving. I’m looking forward to someday realizing my dream of having a barn and being able to drop everything. And I then have the space to work on several large-format images at the same time.

New artworks

Large formats inspire me. Here I can let the color flow properly. Especially when the color flies directly from the tube onto the canvas and I can give free rein to the movement. Since can already times objects in the environment what abbekommen. Depending on how the image “speaks” to me, I add faces, objects or landscapes in the pictures. Through balthasart I have also discovered for me smaller formats, as well as new techniques. I have rediscovered the oil pastels and also acrylic pencils, with which great effects are possible. Also working typographically and incorporating type with a message is a new aspect that I am currently expanding. This is how I combine painting, drawing and writing. Spray paints, which I have worked with in the past, are now being used again more. I’m excited, curious and full of beans.


The works of Jackson Pollock excite me and inspire me for a long time. And artists like Gerhard Richter and Jonas Gerard, Leon Löwentraut are also great. At balthasart I have discovered artists like Jeremie Rodrigues, Pia Grambart and Sophie Mangelsen and always look forward to their new works.

Don’t let this up-and-coming artist slip under your radar!

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