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Classic Piano: An elegant selection of original artworks and classical music

Hello Everyone,

I am back, and with a new playlistthat’s a bit different.

This time, for our 3rd made-in-balthasart musical selection, we wanted to give you something more classic.

Art and music have been linked for such a long time, notably, classical music.

For me, the piano is the king of this style of music, so it was clear that this time I just had to propose a list of both original artworks and music inspired by that instrument.

So, I invite you to open your ears and get a taste of this selection of composers!

Going from the east of Europe all the way down to the south of the continent, I wanted to share with you who I consider to be some of the greatest virtuosos of this instrument!

From Chopin, who will take you away on a walk through frigid Poland, to Debussy who brings you to a little lake in the French countryside, all the way to Albeniz who will make you discover the marvels of Andalucia – I hope that you’ll be swept away in an instant!

I also propose that you discover a selection of original artworks from our artists on balthasart that I’ve chosen for their elegance. I’ve curated a mix of modern, abstract paintings and works that are more classic that correspond well to the energy and the feeling that these virtuosos of the piano want to transmit to us!

With love,